Photo By Suzanne Claire Photography

Welcome to my journal. I changed the name from blog to journal, because I mostly identify with the word journal, and the leather and hard cover  bound books that words are written in. Not to mention that I own quite a few journals!   Writing in journals unleashes new discoveries, inspirations that are unveiled before my eyes.  

In this journal, I share some experiences with music, travel, art and writing.   I hope you will find enjoyable and inspiring to read. 

Where Is the Best Place To Write? 


Is there a time and place that is best for writing? I use to say that the Fall or Autumn season was the best time. And being in my home, is the best place to write. I still feel the same way, but there have been times when I've left the house to go someplace else.  Not necessarily to where the water is on a beach, although that is lovely place to be. Sometimes, I get the feeling or gut feeling to be in a rather noisy cafe.  I do wear earplugs in these instances, because there would be no way for me to…

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